Stretched Bar LCD: The Nitty-Gritty of it


You are well aware of the vast array of screen resolutions that are available on the market and how those resolutions dictate screen size and image quality. Even with this plethora of options, the vast majority of screens that are used in the home, in industry, or in digital signage, are of the same shape, which is a rectangle to a limited ratio of height and width. It is the home market that has always driven the screens, which takes sizing from TV camera filming dimensions, and in recent years, the desire for home cinema sizing and widescreen.

So, what’s the implication? It is that a Custom LCD Display and digital signage platforms followed suit because, (a)  people are habituated to absorbing information from rectangular screens, and (b) Compared to starting from scratch, the cost of adapting TV-based resolutions to commercial-grade displays is lower.

What are the Restrictions of Standard Screens?

With the development of the digital signage revolution, marketing visionaries and OEM designers have realized the potential for signage screens to fit into more customized applications. The conformist approach to digital signage has always been to take a standard resolution, wall mount, and commercial grade monitors, or embed that screen shape, into say, a store design. But such is the demand for displayed information, that it goes beyond that of uniformed walls, able to accept the standard rectangle screen.

The thin spaces will only fit all but the smallest of standard screens, and the opportunity to demand visually may come in, thereby demanding longer and thinner units. For example, it has been over a decade or so that standard TV screens have been fitted into public transport vehicles for advertising and information. But, with the evolving technology, the desire to embed a Stretched Bar LCD into flush paneling, and for them to fit the designed interiors of carriages, has grown along.

The bus and train designers now want a Custom LCD Display to fit along the header paneling of a coach where all passengers can have a view, and not just at the front of a coach, where only a few passengers can have a view.

Why they have been Difficult to Get Hold of?

It’s primarily been a point of cost, as aforementioned, to take existing screen resolutions from television display screens and adapt them to commercial applications is something that we can call straightforward. As the name suggests, a Custom LCD Display can be made to suit, and this reduces the cost of production. This is what makes screens in traditional resolutions a viable investment for all. The number of applications that a screen can be used in drastically reduces by taking a screen down to half the original height and keeping the width. These are some of the applications that tend to be in high ambient light and so call for sunlight readability. There are rugged designs and bright backlighting that can cope with the demands of transport applications and private displays. This is what leads to a market with a limited size availability at a premium cost.

With Stretched Bar LCD, you can Display Everywhere!

A quick search online would reveal the reputed sellers of these Bar LCDs, that have excellent price points. A Custom LCD Display can successfully seal the gap that has been created by the growing demand for limited-height digital signage screens. Now, let’s take a look at some of the areas where these LCD displays find wide applications:-

  • Customized Digital Signage
  • Transportation Header Paneling in Coaches
  • Box Office/ Ticket Kiosk header displays
  • Taxi information and advertising
  • Portrait gaming information points for bingo halls and casinos.
  • Menu board header displays
  • Museum displays
  • Bus shelters for routes and schedules.

These displays are housed in a strong wall-mountable chassis’ that has standard VESA mounting points. They feature brightness levels from 300 NITS to ultra-bright 2000 NITS LCD panels featuring multiple video inputs for flexibility. Some of the additional features include low power consumption, touchscreen options, and viewing angles up to +80 °- +85°.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive sizing from 10” to 49”
  • Green: Low power consumption and LED backlight
  • Smart Design: Fanless & Slim Bezel
  • Sunlight readable: Brightness from 300 nits to 2000 nits
  • Long Life Expectancy: from 70,000 hours to 1,00,000 hours

Final Take:

Now, that you have a fair idea about Stretched Bar LCD, all you need to do is to execute a quick search online and look for reputed sellers selling these displays at highly competitive rates. Get a Custom LCD Display and take your business to the absolute next level.

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