Stromae returned to the music with the new single “Santé”

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Stromae‘s last album “Racine Carrée” was released in 2013. It featured the song “Papaoutai“, which made the musician planetarily popular. The song is about the suffering of his father in the genocide in Rwanda.

Songs from the said album that have also been listened to around the world are “Formidable”, “Tous les mêmes”, “Ta fête”, “Ave Cesaria”, “Carmen” and “Quand c’est?”.

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He last performed in 2015. After that, he decided to dedicate himself to other projects, among which is creating a clothing collection with his wife Coralie Barbier.

A few days ago, he announced that a new album, whose name is still unknown, will be released this fall. This morning, he delighted the listeners with the single “Santé”, which can be listened to on streaming platforms. 

Listen to the new single here!

By: Sarah R.





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