Style Is Old But Gold: New Shoe Trends For 2022

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Shoes can completely change our style, that is why they are a key element to our stylings.

Trends from previous decades have returned for the new year. We certainly cannot resist them, especially these new creations with impressive details that have aroused our interest.

You wish to know what are the top trends of 2022; keep reading and discover them with photos.


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Bright spot this year is the ascent of flat shoes; moccasins are coming again with their classic charm and minimalism. In true Scandinavian style, moccasins are comfortable, effortless footwear that certainly looks good with denim. As everything shows, they will continue to dominate in the new year. Their designs are numerous and will satisfy even the most demanding.
If you want to follow the rules of women’s styling, you can easily pair them with jeans, sweaters and even leather.


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The shoes from 1940. are now again becoming a favorite design of pin-up girls. In recent years, we have noticed that they have appeared on the shelves, so all fashion lovers have drawn attention to this shoe design.
Adding just a few rhinestones ensures a very modern and feminine look to this shoe.

Famous fashion houses like Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton presented top creations for this winter. They suits all your clothing pieces and are for all occasions.


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Of course, we couldn’t omit the sneakers this year. Comfortable, practical and very elegant, they occupy one of the first places in the shoe collection.

Although most of us grew up on the premise that sneakers are gym shoes and that women with style wear shoes, the trends from last year break this dogma. It’s time to put on your sneakers when you go to work, to socialize, to the city… You can combine them with an elegant outfit, a striking outfit, and even with dresses.

Rhinestone Details

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Yes! Glamorous rhinestones everywhere. If you want our opinion, great pieces are the most modern and contemporary trend and “play” an important role when it comes to our mood. Shoes with clear colors and a bold design, with incredible attention paid to the smallest detail.
You will not go unnoticed with shoes like this.

High-Heeled Slippers

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Which fashion lover was not impressed by The Attico slippers? Unique and special designs have aroused our interest, and 2022 will be the year of slippers with a high heel and a platform that we will definitely not be able to resist.
The famous house Farfetch pays special attention to the making of these shoes.

There are many ways to incorporate them into your outfits. They go well with jeans and dresses for any occasion!


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Since we met them at Versace show last September, modern girls have been choosing them for their evening outings.

One test is enough to convince you that this design is ideal for women who find it difficult to wear high heels. If you don’t have a pair in your collection, don’t delay buying. If you are a fan of minimalism, then black will suit you, and if you want more “playful” stylings, versions in bright colors are the perfect choice for you.





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