Sunshine blonde is the latest 2022 trend!

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This summer, shades of blonde are back at the big door. Starting from the “expensive” blonde, strawberry blonde, through vanilla almond blonde, all the way to the famous ice blonde … it seems that the choice has never been greater, however, when it comes to summer, one shade stood out.

It is a sunshine blonde, and this shade is ideal for those who like extremely light hair and a warm glow. The hair looks sunny and rich, with golden toppings that frame the face in a perfect way, giving it warmth and youthfulness, unlike cooler shades that can easily make you look older.

Of course, you don’t need to mix sunshine blonde with the classic yellow hair color, that is, when orange undertones “break through” on blonde hair, because that’s not the point here. This type of hairstyle alternates between platinum and gold strands, which gives the hair volume and looks healthy, but also it looks like you have just returned from vacation.

Some of the trendsetters who love sunshine blondes are the famous actress Hilary Duff, as well as Dakota Fanning, and their stylists advise all those who want to switch to this shade to use purple shampoo at least once a week to avoid turning their hair orange. This way hair also keeps its shine for a long time.

Sunshine blonde can also be worn in the form of a bayalage, which will make the ends extremely bright, and several types of strands will brighten your natural hair shade, which will make it even easier to maintain.

And if you want to cut your hair, the French bob is the best choice for this season! If you look up “chic hairstyles” in the dictionary, you are guaranteed to come across the term French bob. But, our favorite French bob got its successor – the Parisian bob, which is here today to continue where its predecessor left off. The French bob is defined by lip length and recognizable full bangs that cover the eyebrows. The Parisian bob, however, is a looser, less strict version of longer length and a sharper look at the ends.

Many say that the Parisian bob is a great hairstyle for summer, and Nick Latham, a famous London hairdresser, agrees with this fact. “Especially when it’s with bangs,” he adds.





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