YouTuber Tefi Pessoa didn’t know her leg was supposed to go through the hole, she wore the dress incorrectly on the red carpet

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YouTube star Tefi Pessoa, 31, welcomed and interviewed celebrities on the red carpet at the premiere of the film ‘Dune‘ in London, and wore a designer dress by Silvia Astor. The long velvet dress with long sleeves had a round hole on the left thigh that revealed only a part of the influencer’s leg. In the viral video, she realized that her leg was supposed to go through the hole.

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People, I’m going crazy. Thank you for your support, but I just found out that my leg was supposed to go through a stupid hole” Tefi started the video showing the photo from the event.



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“I was on the carpet and I didn’t know. Why can’t I dress myself? I’m an adult,” Tefi wondered.

Although the dress Tefi wore received praise, she asked to be given another chance to dress properly.

When I tell you I could die. I’ll order a pizza. I apologize, I can dress myself like an adult, just give me one more chance” Pessoa said with a laugh.

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Tefi has interviewed film stars  Timothée Chalamet (25), Zendaya (25) and  Jason Momoa (42), and the video in which she speaks about her fashion failure has been viewed more than 4 million times.

By: Sarah R.





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