The 80/20 rule can change your life

Learn to manage time and priorities with Paret's rules

The 80/20 rule can change your life

Photo Credits: Paico Oficial/Unsplash

Pareto’s rule or 80/20 rule teaches us that 20 percent of effort yields 80 percent of results, and 80 percent of effort yields only 20 percent of results. It is used as a basic guideline in analyzing the efficiency of any activity and optimizing results. By properly identifying the minimum of important activities, you can quickly achieve a significant part of the planned result, while further efforts will be ineffective and, most likely, unjustified.

We integrate it into coaching by asking:

What is your highest priority at this stage of your life?
Which of your activities will have the greatest impact on the realization of the desired future?

Every period of life has its priorities. If you become aware of them, then you will effectively concentrate on what makes the most sense to you today. Of the jobs and activities we do on a daily basis, usually, only 20 percent are those that really matter, and that will affect the other 80 percent of our lives.

20 percent of our time dedicated to developing a personal strategy will bring us 80 percent of our income.
20 percent of planning daily commitments will bring us 80 percent of a positive balance on a daily basis.
20 percent of quality time spent with loved ones will create 80 percent of fond memories.

Think about what your 20 percent is, what you need to dedicate yourself to today to maximize your life tomorrow!

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers