The Best And Most Beautiful Actress Of All Time In Hollywood

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The world famous actress, Faye Dunaway, is remembered as a public figure who was filling many front pages of tabloids with details about her love life. Tomorrow she is celebrating her 81. birthday.

Since we watched a movie “Bonnie and Clyde” she enchanted us and won us over forever.

Faye Dunaway has never been ashamed to speak publicly about her frequent rejection of roles, which could have improved her status in the Hollywood world.
Among the most famous roles she turned down was the role of Sara in the movie “Requiem for a Dream“.
That role was eventually given to Ellen Berstin, for which she won an Academy Award for her work.
She also turned down the role of “Julia“, so Jane Fonda won the Oscar for the Best Actress instead.

In addition to her successes, the main theme was the turbulent love life of this American actress.
Her first love affair was with standup comedian Lenny Bruce, which ended after just one year.
She later got engaged to photographer Jerry Satsberg, but they didn’t succeed either. Still, they remained very good friends.

While filming “A Place for Lovers“, she fell in love with Marcello Mastroianni. After two years of relationship, Faye wanted to marry him and start a family, but it turned out that he was already married and did not want to divorce.

When I remember the moments with Marcel, I feel only regret. One part of me still thinks that if we had gotten married then, we would still be married today. Our wish was to grow old together, but that did not happen,” she wrote years later in an autobiography.

And Marcello Mastroianni himself admitted in an interview for one magazine 1987. that she was the woman he loved the most.

Fay Dunaway, in her fifth attempt to realize herself as a wife and mother, married the singer from “The J. Geils Band.”
Due to the excessive volume of work, they had problems in their marriage, and they divorced after five years.

She finally got married in 1983, with a man whom she met before, in 1977.
She had a son, Liam, with Terry O’Neill three years before they were married, and a few years later, O’Neill admitted that they had adopted the child.

After divorcing him, Fay Dunaway had an affair with Robert Altman while she was in a relationship with Frederick Forsythe.

Fay is in the category of one of the most beautiful actresses of all time, according to many.
Today, when she appears in public, which rarely happens, she attracts a lot of media attention due to the alleged plastic surgery she had.





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