Drew Barrymore reunites with her ex-husband after 20 years: 'I respect and love you very much'

They have only been married for 15 months, but they both seem to remember only happy days ...

Drew Barrymore reunites with her ex-husband after 20 years: 'I respect and love you very much'

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Famous actress Drew Barrymore met her ex-husband Tom Green for the first time in 20 years, and it was a virtual meeting on her talk show.

The 50-year-old Canadian comedian technically appeared on his 46-year-old ex-wife’s show in September 2020, but it was done using green-screen technology. It is a special edition of the talk show, and the actress recalled their trip to Ireland in 2001, where they went on a honeymoon.

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Barrymore said during the show that Tom is “very special,” “magical,” and “wonderful,” and she also shared a few never-before-seen vacation photos.

"We hiked in the crazy mountains for hours. We were determined to get to the top, but at certain moments I used to think we would never make it," the actress recalled.

"I think we may have climbed two mountains. I remember one where we wanted to get all the way to the top, it was foggy, and up there was a sheep that hadn't been sheared for years," Green added.

The actress admitted that her honeymoon with Green was ‘one of her favorite trips in life’.

Green said it was a bit of a weird feeling for him to be virtually present on the show. "I kind of feel like this is some out-of-body experience. It's very nice to see you, but it still feels weird to me. It's not weird in a bad way, it's weird in a good way. I appreciate this, Drew. Thank you for hosting me on your show "It's great and it's really cool. In fact, I think this is a nice way to reconnect because it doesn't create that much pressure," Green said, to which Barrymore replied that she "respects and loves him."

It is somewhat surprising that their joint photos survived a fire in the house, which happened during their 15-month marriage, That lasted till 2002.

Tom Green was the second husband of the famous actress, and from her third marriage to Will Kopelman, she has two daughters, Olive and Frankie. Barrymore has admitted to being active on dating apps since January this year.

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By: Helen B.