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We watched the last season in 2019, and as one of the most successful Netflix series, Stranger Things has gathered an army of fans who have been waiting for news about the new, fourth season for several months. After an excellent third, expectations for the sequel are as high as they can be, with countless uncertainties with which we saw off the last season. For almost two years, we didn’t know in which direction the story could develop, so the release of the first official trailer caused real enthusiasm.

It has now finally been confirmed that Stranger Things will be back in the summer of 2022!

It shows Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) living with the Byers family in California and having a hard time adjusting to her new environment and school. While she doesn’t admit it in a letter she writes to Mike (Finn Wolfhard), it’s clear that even at the other end of the country, the protagonists can’t escape the forces that haunt them. However, they don’t have the famous team there – which has already entered the teenage phase, and that’s why they can’t wait for the reunion during the spring holidays. The trailer ends chaotically with numerous action scenes, a creepy puppet, army scenes, and explosions, which lets us know that another incredibly tense season of the Netflix, now cult, series is ahead of us.

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Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler, revealed in an interview that a slightly scarier season awaits us with more elements of horror than before. We have no choice but to look forward to the continuation of the unusual events in Hawkins and the official date of the series that the production should reveal soon.

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