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After the entry of Mars and Venus into Aquarius, the full Moon in the earth sign of Virgo arrives.

The Full Moon in Virgo awaits us on March 18, and it is also known in astrology as the warm Moon.

This astrological period gives you another opportunity to reject everything that doesn’t serve you and invite only happiness in your life.

Therefore, the period ahead is ideal if you want to redecorate your living space – if you want to renovate your home, throw away some old things that accumulate bad energy, arrange the garden…

The same goes for the inner life: it is the right time to break with bad friendships and relationships, to clear up unresolved relationships, to dedicate yourself and some healthier relationships.

The Full Moon in Virgo brings us opportunities in business, but also what no one is looking forward to: pressure, pressure, pressure. Your superiors may set you seemingly unrealistic goals, but the analyticalness provided by Virgo will help us get out and succeed.

Perfectionism is also growing, and although it can be useful, be very careful that it does not further complicate your life and delay the realization of plans. It’s the same with others – if you notice that someone expects you to be perfect and always available, make it clear to them that not everything is always in your power.


Expect sudden job offers! Just think carefully about not taking too much on you as there is a possibility of error.


Communication is emphasized to you but towards children. Be friendly and give them nice energy.


Many of you will solve the issue of inheritance, some will start renovating the apartment, and some will buy a new apartment.


Your field of work is highlighted. Cancers who are waiting for some job offers are now getting it.


Your money field is highlighted. You can get a job that you have been waiting for a long time or you can get an offer for an additional job where you can earn some serious money.


The energy of the Full Moon in Virgo brings you changes in routines and everyday life. Now is the right time to make changes in your diet, lifestyle and generally change your attitude towards life.


Your psyche is stressed, so it can happen that you have fears that you didn’t even know existed. Take it easy, don’t panic. This month in Virgo will also pass.


A field of friendship is opening up with you. Expect beautiful moments and sincere advice here.


Nice and positive career changes. At the moment, you feel overwhelmed, but after talking to your superior, you get benefits and support for independent decision-making.


You are driven by the energy that awakens in you the need for perfection. Many Capricorns are taking additional courses and some are completely changing their career direction.


Just be extra careful when you are signing something.


The field of love, partnership. Try to control the situation so that you do not get into an unnecessary conflict with your partner.





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