The life story of Frankie Muniz

Photo Credits : Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Actor Frankie Muniz is best known for his role Malcolm in the series ‘Malcolm in the Middle’.

‘Malcolm in the middle’ is an inventive half-hour comedy about a middle-class family seen through the eyes of Malcolm, a regular kid with a genius IQ.

Actor Frankie Muniz is celebrating his 36th birthday today.

The American actor spoke openly about his health problems . Unfortunately, he has no long-term memory today, and because of that he does not remember most past events.

‘I only know what it’s like to be me, or to have my brain. Only when people remind me of something we did together i realize how bad my memory is. I don’t remember most of the things they talk about, but I don’t feel sad or bad about it. Simply, such is life. I try to live it the best I can and I try to use all the opportunities I have ‘, the actor explained.

Recall, during the six years of filming the series, Frankie gained worldwide fame. He was twice nominated for a Golden Globe and once for an Emmy AwardAfter the series ended, he was acting for two more years and then shocked everyone in 2008 when he said he was retiring from acting to become a professional formula driver.

Unfortunately, in 2009 he suffered a serious accident during the race, in which he suffered a concussion. After that, he gave up his career as a professional driver and tried his hand as the drummer of the band Kingsfoil.

In 2012 he informed his fans that he had a minor stroke. Less than a year later, he suffered another stroke and soon realized that he really had serious memory problems. Although it is not known when he started losing his memory, 2017 is the year that the actor spoke openly about his health problems for the first time.

It’s something I never wanted to talk about because it’s just me and it’s my life. However, we talked about the series ‘Malcom in the middle’ and how it all started and I realized that I don’t even remember participating in the filming of that series, ’Frankie revealed

He added that the most important thing for him in those moments was his wife, actress, and model Paige Price and her unconditional support. The couple married in 2020, and in March this year, they had a son, Mauz Mosley. Muniz was previously engaged to Jamie Grady and publicist Elycia Marie Turnbow.





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