The life story of Jerry Lewis!

Jerry Lewis had a successful comedy career and a turbulent love life that exposed his ugly face.

The life story of Jerry Lewis!

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Jerry Lewis passed away on August 20, 2017, in the 92nd year with natural death, and his fans pointed out that ‘comedy died that day’.He was born on March 16, 1926, and became famous for slapstick comedy, an American silent comedy based on physical activities such as chases and fights, fast pace, general confusion, and improvisation.

Jerry had an enviable comedy career spanning nearly eight decades and his most famous films are ‘Paratroopers Against Will’, ‘Dead of Fear’, ‘Enjoy Jerry’s Life’, ‘Jerry in Circus’, ‘Circus Jerry’, ‘Wild West Sheriff’, ‘Madness’ Jerry Lewis ’,‘ That’s My Son ’and‘ Cinderfell ’.

Lewis also had an interesting private life. He had seven children with two wives. He married singer Patti Palmer in 1944 after two months of relationship and they were married for 36 years. The couple had five sons and adopted one. Patti suffered Jerry's affair with a number of women throughout her marriage. Their marriage came to an end in 1980, and although the comedian was adored for his humor, many found it distasteful how he referred to his scams .

"It happens when I'm in Hollywood, " he said of his divorce. The American media wrote that during his romance with model Lynn Dixon, he had a daughter, Susan Minoret, in 1952, whom he did not want to admit. He also reportedly fell in love with Marilyn Monroe, and his wife Patti decided she no longer wanted to suffer the affair.

She demanded $ 450,000 a year from him for her support and care for their youngest son, Joseph Christopher, who passed away on October 24, 2010. It was his death that showed another ugly side of the comedian.

As the American media revealed, Joseph passed away from a drug overdose at the age of 45 and did not even have a penny in his pocket. He lived in a shelter for the homeless and ate in the soup kitchen. Allegedly, the comedian did not even want to pay for his funeral when he was informed that he had died.

Joseph's ex-wife Kim spoke out about everything. 'I just can't figure out how he still can't forgive his dead son. Joseph’s oldest brother Gary informed me of his death and said his brothers didn’t want to talk about it publicly because Dad told them, ‘Shut up about this. I don't want anyone to know, '' Kim said.

At one time Joseph spoke of his father. 'Life with him is hell. I tried drugs, I was on therapies and the truth still hurts, my father doesn't love me ', he admitted the painful truth. According to American media, Lewis wanted a daughter when his youngest son was born in 1964 and even sang about it on a television show during his wife Patti’s pregnancy.

Jerry’s eldest son Gary later spoke out about his father. 'He's an evil man. He never showed love and care for me and my brothers, ' he said. He added that his brother Joseph had a broken heart and that Father Jerry could have prevented his death.

Jerry Lewis married SanDee Pitnick’s second wife in 1983 and was with her until his death in 2017. Three years after divorcing a singer who devoted herself to him and her children and neglected her career, Lewis married dancer SanDee Pitnick and they adopted daughter Danielle Sarah. The comedian thus fulfilled his wish to have a daughter as well. The couple was together until Jerry's death.