The life story of Kanye’s new girlfriend

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Kim and Kanye began the divorce process early last year, and the rapper publicly said he wants her back. It seems that he decided to continue with his life, and the new girl Julia tickled everyone’s imagination. Everyone wants to know who is Kanye’s new girlfriend.

It seems that the famous rapper Kanye West (44) has finally decided to get over his ex-wife Kim Kardashian (41), so he was seen on several dates with the handsome actress Julia Fox (31). Julia is a well-known New York artist, activist, performer, and some even call her a muse.

“I want to explore myself in every aspect. I never want to limit myself based on what other people tell me I am, ” Fox told.

The actress had the most important role of her career side by side with  Adam Sandler  (55) in the 2019 movie ‘Uncut Gems’. Before that, she worked in a pastry shop, shoe store and tried herself in the role of ‘domino’ lady. She revealed that she dressed up for clients in their fantasies, such as a nun, a nurse, or a teacher. It depended on their wishes. Also, she overdosed at just 17 and she was addicted to heroin and painkillers.

“It is a real miracle that I am good because many people I grew up with are not good. They are still on drugs or in jail. A lot of them died” she told.

Julia is known as an actress, activist, and muse who often performs, so she is considered similar to her new boyfriend Kanye.

Julia gave birth to her first son Valentin early last year. At that time Kim and Kanye were divorcing each other. She posted the happy news on her Instagram with nude photos of her pregnant belly. She was married to Petre Artemije, and because both, she and Kanye recently broke up with partners, that brought them together.

She said Petre deliberately left her pregnant, but she has no regrets about having a son, even though she had him with an alcoholic and a drug addict.

This man left me with a five-month-old baby and a dog, and all unpaid bills. This is completely wrong and not fair, ” she wrote on Instagram.

“Julia and Ye are together. They both just got out of the relationship, they helped each other a lot. They are in a way kindred spirits and it is a wonderful sight” said a source close to the couple.

Comparisons of the new girl to Kanye West’s recent wife are inevitable. Especially since just ten days ago, Kanye bought a house worth more than $5 million across the street from the mansion where Kim lives with their four children and immediately decided to tear down the house. Many comments that Kanye found a girl who resembles Kim, but she’s not even close to her. Julia wore the same dress after Kim, which is why many fans commented on her photo.

“I guess you didn’t take her husband and her old dress, horror”, “Kanye wins”, “Kim looked much better, you don’t need that” they wrote to her.





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