The life story of unique Grace Jones

She is a singer, model, and actress, and with her appearance on the scene in the seventies, she set new boundaries of experimentation...

The life story of unique Grace Jones

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She was born on this day in 1948, she is known for her incredible vocal abilities, she has two styles of singing, and that year when she was born, no one could have guessed that her life would be based on intrigue and controversy.

She is a singer, model, and actress, and with her appearance on the scene in the seventies, she set new boundaries of experimentation and launched an inexhaustible inspiration. She hung out with actors and photographers, was in love relationships with big names, and thanks to her turbulent life and open expression of views on numerous issues, she became legendary. Born on May 19, 1948, in Jamaica, her first big hit was  Slave to the Rhythm, she often sang in French. She is the inimitable Grace Jones.

Her parents moved to America in search of work, while Grace and her brothers stayed with their grandparents. At the age of thirteen, she joined her parents in New York, two years later she became a dancer, and already at the age of 18, she signed a contract as a model. At the beginning of the seventies, she went to Paris and in a very short time, she was already on four front pages. Everyone was delighted with her different beauty.

She was friends with Karl Lagerfeld, and one of her first incidents was when she appeared naked with a bone necklace at a party organized by French politicians in her capital. Her comment on that was that nothing terrible had happened. It is difficult to say what Grace Jones is, but it is certain that her appearance evokes a strong feeling, and Vogue magazine described her as the queen of fashion. Her appearance has undergone various transformations, and for the cover of the album Nightclubbing, her body and face were covered with red colors, while she was only wearing an Armani jacket.

All her relationships were turbulent and unusual, and her friendship with Andy Warhol was such that she even became his muse. Thanks to Jean-Paul Goude, Grace changed her appearance, and many considered him a manipulator and a man who leads her career. However, she described him as the only one in front of whom her knees knelt. However, their relationship was doomed from the beginning, despite having a son in 1979, they still divorced.

She starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyer, and that role brought her the role in Bond's 1985 film A View to a Kill. After the failed relationships, new ones followed. Grace met a Swede in Sydney who became her bodyguard and then her partner. She "inserted" him in one of the James Bond movies and launched him into the stars. After great success, however, they moved away and separated. Back in 1989, she remarried, now to album producer Chris Stanley, but after two years they divorced.  In the middle of the nineties, she married her second bodyguard, she was 48 at the time, and he was only 21. The marriage lasted for eight years, and Grace never advertised on this topic, although it is quite transparent when it comes to private life.

He used my short hair as a canvas, he always managed to change the look, although the hairstyle itself is quite limiting. And I am such a woman - I am always looking for something new. I want change. After all, the hairstyle is part of my style, the performance I give to the audience. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense that my first orgasm was with Andre. His fingers are magical. I've never had sex like that. Sex of some fictional era, another solar system. It always started with a kiss and ended with complete physical engagement. I felt as if time did not exist, he bent me, wrapped me, and satisfied me” - that's how she talked about her hairdresser Andre. Grace Jones is a unique woman on the world music scene, she lives in London today and maintains that it is more exciting to be a villain.