The new season ‘Euphoria’ series reactions

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It’s been two years since the teen adult series, Euphoria, first landed on streaming services.

Noisy, full of drama, sex, drugs and smartphones. At first, the series seemed to be intended for a younger age, but as you watch the series, you realize that it is all but not intended for a younger audience. The explicit drug and sex scenes and the complex states of the characters in the series are some of the reasons why you should not allow children to watch this series on their own. 

Director Sam Levinson, after a successful first season, decided on two special episodes that were filmed during the lockdown, which is why there are not many characters in the specials. 

The main focus of the whole series is the teenage psyche that is experiencing broken hearts and trauma. Rue /Zendaya and Jules /Hunter Schafer fail to navigate their love-friendly relationship, but it all ends with Rue meeting her rehab sponsor and Jules returning to his psychotherapist. It seems like a happy ending. 

The second season is something completely unexpected and a bit psychedelic. The first part of the introductory episode is a gangster movie in miniature. In the flashback, we learn about the past of a local drug dealer, Fezco /Angus Cloud, and his mysterious tattooed younger brother Ash. They were raised by a Scarface-style gangster grandmother, the kind of woman who accepts a baby as collateral in a deal. 

The second part of the introductory episode is the home celebration of the new year. During that celebration, we learn what happened to  Maddy, Cassie, Nate, and Kat. Cassie and Nate suddenly become entangled and thus entangle a web of relationships because Nate’s ex-girlfriend is Maddy, Cassie’s best friend.

All in all, the dramas are escalating. Scenes of sex, drugs and alcoholism are also escalating. There is more violence than ever, and sometimes it seems to you that there is at least a hint of senseless cruelty in every scene that makes you feel trapped, just like the characters in the series. 

The first episode especially emphasizes the psyche of the insecure Cassie, who does not know how to deal with herself after breaking up with her boyfriend, so she is making the biggest mistake so far. She sleeps with her best friend’s boyfriend, the unquestionably toxic Nate. Cassie is also exposed to nudity in this episode.

The characters come into excessive contact with drugs, alcohol, nudity, violence and sex. Also, it seems that the decisions they make will not affect them well in the future. 

As we know, after the first season, viewers wrote on social media that the series aroused the triggers in them for unhealthy behaviors and psychological disorders. Reactions were taken into account by the screenwriters indicating that there was sensitive content in the episode before the production of each episode. 

The audience was especially surprised when they realized that the quantity of sensitive content was drastically increased in the second season. Precisely because of this, the main star of the Zendaya series decided to share a warning on Instagram.

‘I know I’ve said it before, but I want to reiterate to everyone that Euphoria is for a mature audience,’ she wrote. ‘ This season, perhaps even more than last, is deeply emotional and deals with topics that can be triggers that are hard to watch. Watch it only if you feel comfortable. Take care of yourself and know that you are loved in any case and that I still feel your support, ‘ Zendaya wrote. 





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