The new season of Netflix’s ‘Crown’ could further infuriate the Royal Family because of these scenes

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According to British media, the fifth season of the Netflix series ‘The Crown‘ should allegedly contain probably the most controversial moment in the history of the British Royal Family. Namely, in one episode, a bombastic interview given by Princess Diana to Martin Bashir should be shown, in which she referred to her marriage to Prince Charles, but also to life in the Royal Family.

Since the interview is full of claims that are in no way in favor of the Royal Family, if shown again as part of the hit series, it could rock the family again.

Bashir was even accused of interviewing the Princess by deception. As the faithful followers of this family know well, Prince William once said that Martin Bashir persuaded the late Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, to introduce him to his sister, in order to secure the scandalous interview.

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The interview is not credible and should never be broadcast again,” William once said, but the creators of the Netflix series do not agree with him, but consider this interview a key moment in the fifth season. “The turbulent marriage between Charles and Lady Di led to her guest appearance at Panorama, and the consequences of that decision determined her last months,” said a source close to the production.

By the way, in that same interview, Diana admitted in front of the camera that she was not faithful to Charles, and she also referred to his affair with her current wife Camilla.

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A lot of money is being invested in this season. “The “Crown” is known for highlighting stories that members of the Royal Family do not want to remember,” the source revealed.

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