The plastic surgery queen is Melanie Griffith!

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Actress Melanie Griffith (64)  has a body that is envied by many of her younger colleagues, but there are even louder comments that this famous actress destroyed herself by numerous surgeries. Her ‘golden age’ was the 1980s to 1990s, and today we can rarely see her in series or movies. She seems to have disappeared from the acting world.

The days of her greatest fame are definitely over, and lately, she has been the target of paparazzi. She is interesting to them because of the look she changed with plastic surgery. 

Although she has a perfect body, it doesn’t seem to mean anything to her when many complain about her face.

The actress was filmed by paparazzi in Los Angeles when she went to a friend to whom she was carrying lunch. She wore black leggings and a T-shirt of the same color, over which she wore a thin unbuttoned white sweater.

Melanie is known as someone who trains regularly, and the results of the training are very visible, as well as a balanced diet that she adheres to for years.

Her appearance is even more admirable if you take into account the fact that she has twice fought skin cancer and has been battling epileptic seizures for a long time.

Unfortunately, the actress spoke openly about her obsession with plastic surgery that took her to extremes and deformed her once beautiful face. The decision to undergo aesthetic procedures was influenced by the fact that she was no longer in her early youth and that alcohol consumption had taken its toll. The biggest trigger was her marriage to Antonio Banderas.

Antonio fell in love with Melanie Griffith on the set of the comedy “Two Much,” and the relationship began immediately. They were married in London in 1996 after just a few weeks of a relationship, and their daughter Stella was born the same year. 

Banderas and Griffith divorced in 2015 and it was rumored that he lost patience due to her obsession with operations that distorted her face. He allegedly gave her an ultimatum to stop the procedures, but she did not listen to him and there was nothing left of her natural beauty with which she won him over. 

Despite the divorce, Antonio and Melanie remained on good terms, which is strange to many, but it is completely normal for them and they do not pay attention to the comments. 

As she says, she only realized how much she exaggerated with the operations when she heard the comments of others. That didn’t seem to stop her from continuing. Recently, photos from her daughter’s birthday appeared, where she appeared with an unusual redness on her face and unnaturally tight lips, which prompted the story that she indulged in Botox again.

It is obviously that she can not go against herself.





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