The Rolling Stones won’t perform “Brown Sugar” after being criticized for ‘racist’ lyrics

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Famous musicians Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have announced that The Rolling Stones will stop performing the hit song “Brown Sugar” in the U.S. due to increasing criticism directed at the fact that this 50-year-old music classic is associated with slavery.

The band, which is currently preparing for their 13-day U.S. tour, has stopped playing “Brown Sugar”, one of their most recognizable songs, on their performances. The 1969 hit has been a major part of their live concerts since it came out 50 years ago, and is also the second most performed song after “Jumpin’ Jack Flash, with 1,136 performances, according to Rolling Stone magazine. After Jagger was asked by reporters why the popular song wasn’t on their setlist, the musician revealed that they decided to stop performing that track for a while.

We’ve played Brown Sugar every night since 1970, so sometimes you think, we’ll take that one out for now and see how it goes,” Jagger replied, “We might put it back.”

Keith Richards, who wrote the song with Jagger during a 1969 recording at the Muscle Shoals studio in Alabama, revealed that he was taken aback by recent criticism of the popular song’s lyrics, as it has always been a ‘grotesque story of slavery, rape, and sexual violence.

I’m trying to figure out what the objection is. Didn’t they understand that this is a song about the horrors of slavery? It seems to me that they’re trying to destroy it. At the moment, I don’t want to get into conflicts and deal with all these sh*t. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to resurrect the babe in her glory somewhere along the track, ”Richards said.

The song was controversial from the start, and the band often tried to soften the lyrics. The original name was “Black p**sy“, but Jagger decided to change it before it was released because it was too literal.

The original text in the translation read, “Brown sugar, how come you taste so good? Brown sugar, just like a black girl should,” and in later recordings, the term “black girl” was replaced by “young girl”.

God knows what I’m on about on that song. It’s such a mishmash. All the nasty subjects in one go,” Jagger said in a 1995 interview when he admitted he was embarrassed by those verses. He also said the song was written in just 45 minutes.

I never would write that song now. I would probably censor myself. I’d think, ‘Oh God, I can’t. I’ve got to stop,” Jagger admitted.

Listen to the song “Brown Sugar” here!

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