The series 'The North Water' is coming to HBO, a new treat with Colin Farrell in the lead role

The new series ‘The North Water’ was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Andrew Haigh and is based on a book by Ian McGuire. The premiere is scheduled for Nov. 5 on HBO GO, when all five episodes arrive on offer

The series 'The North Water' is coming to HBO, a new treat with Colin Farrell in the lead role

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Jack O’Connell and Colin Farrell lead an amazing cast bringing the story of a 19th-century whaler who sails into the Arctic with a killer on board.

Set in Britain and the Arctic desolation in the late 1850s, the ‘The North Water’ series is the story of Patrick Sumner (Jack O’Connell), a disgraced former military surgeon who enlists as a ship’s doctor on a whaling expedition to the Arctic. On the ship, he meets harpooner Henry Drax (Colin Farrell), a brutal assassin whose immorality is shaped by the cruelty of his world. Hoping to escape the horrors of his past, Sumner finds himself in a male-dominated world, on an unfortunate journey with a murderous psychopath. In search of redemption, his story becomes a fierce struggle for survival in the Arctic wasteland.

Most of the filming of the series took place north of the Svalbard archipelago, and the actors and crew worked entirely at sea in the Arctic Ocean. 

Ian McGuire’s novel vividly evokes the brutal beauty of the Arctic environment and I knew I had to try to bring a similar realism to the series. Despite the obvious challenges, shooting in the Arctic seemed like the best option. I wanted us to feel a strong wind, a fierce cold. I wanted to capture that fear that comes from being away from civilization,' said director Andrew Haigh.

In addition to Jack O’Connell and Colin Farrell, the series stars Stephen Graham, Sir Tom Courtenay, Sam Spruell, and Roland Møller

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By: Helen B.