The trailer for “The First Lady” is out!

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The series “The First Lady” contains a cast of stars that you will not want to miss.

We will soon be able to see The First Lady”, an anthology series about three White House women – Betty Ford, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Michelle Obama. You probably already know what awaits us, but now a trailer is available, as well as some photos of the main protagonists: Michelle Pfeiffer, Gillian Anderson, and Viola Davis, who play the listed ladies.

The private lives of these women are clearly at the heart of a scenario that aims to show what it means to follow, support, and stay with a man who becomes president of the United States. But the short video gives us hope that, in addition to classic patriotism, a lot of feminism will appear.

We already know, thanks to Michelle Obama‘s memoirs, that her political and social career as we know it today dates back to her husband Barack’s presidency, but even before entering the White House, Michelle worked hard to break free and shine in the often racist and masculine oriented society. The portraits of Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford will probably follow this central motif, not hiding the contradictions of each of them.

The physical transformation of the main actresses is impressive. Gillian Anderson, who has established herself as an interpreter of historical figures of great importance (Margaret Thatcher), plays Eleanor Roosevelt, while Eliza Scanlen interprets her in her younger days. Michelle Pfeiffer is playing Betty Ford, and even in her case, the transformation is extraordinary.

The male lineup is no less quality, with O-T Fagbenle in the role of Barack Obama, Aaron Eckhart in the role of Gerald Ford, and Kiefer Sutherland who became Franklin D. Roosevelt. In short, the project is without a doubt designed to go beyond the frames envisioned by its operation and atmosphere. Whether they will meet or betray expectations remains to be seen, but there are some contradictions behind the lives and careers of these women. The meeting is scheduled for April 17, in the Oval Office, when we will receive an answer to all doubts.





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