'Bridgerton' second season's trailer is out!

The trailer for the second season of the Netflix hit series has been released: 'Bridgerton' brings even more scandals, sex and romance. You will enjoy!

'Bridgerton' second season's trailer is out!

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Netflix has finally released a trailer for the second season of ‘Bridgerton’, a series that won over viewers but not critics. The new season of ‘Bridgerton’ will be premiered on March 25th.In the trailer, we can see the long-awaited romance between Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and the new character Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley), who will obviously be the centerpiece of the season. Of course, there is Lady Whistledow, an anonymous gossip chronicler for whom the latest episode from the last season revealed that she is Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

‘Dear reader, did you miss me? While members of our society questioned my identity and means, this author did only one thing. She honed her skills. No, even better! I sharpened my knives. For all of you ', says Lady Whistledow in the trailer for the second season.

And what is the new season about? Encouraged by the duty to preserve the family name, Anthony sets out in search of his future wife, but since he has almost impossible standards, it seems that the search will be in vain - until Kate (Simone Ashley) and her younger sister Edwina (Charithra Chandran) Sharma do not arrive from India. 

When Anthony starts courting Edwina, Kate reveals the true nature of his intentions. Namely, a true love affair is not high on his list of priorities, so she decides to do everything in her power to prevent this marriage. But as is usually the case with love, Kate and Anthony's verbal fights only bring them closer, which complicates things on both sides. The Featherings must welcome the newest heir to their estate, while Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) continues to keep her deepest secret from the people closest to her.


Netflix announced last year that first-season star Regé-Jean Page, who played Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings, is leaving the series. But this is not surprising when it is known that in Julia Quinn's series of darlings 'Bridgerton', according to which the series was filmed in the workshop of mega-successful producer Shonda Rhimes ('Scandal', 'Inventing Anna'), each book is focused on a different couple. So obviously we can expect at least six more seasons.

Rhimes told Variety in November that she wants Simon and Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) to live happily ever after. However, she admitted that, after public outcry over his departure, she asked him if he wanted to return as a guest, like Dynevor who will return briefly in the second season. She revealed that he told her: 'I signed to record this one wonderful story, this closed story. I'm done with it!'

'He's a huge star now. As I like to say, the idea of ​​having a Regé character somewhere in the background doesn't make any sense to me, 'said Rhimes.

She added that she expects 'Bridgerton' to last for years and that there will be eight seasons of' Bridgerton 'and maybe more. We will see.