The whole world knew his hit: The musician Gotye withdrew from public, then founded a political party!

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Australian musician Gotye delighted the world in 2011 when he released the single “Somebody That I Used To Know”, a duet with singer Kimbra, who was awarded a Grammy for her contribution to this song the same year.

Since then, almost every trace of him has been lost, although many predicted that the mentioned song was just the beginning of a successful career.

Gotye withdrew from the public eye after raising to fame and devoted himself to music studies. He was in Australia for years, where he grew up, so he focused his creativity on studying electronic music, as well as traditional instruments.

However, in 2014, he decided to be a part of public life again. He founded a political party together with two members of the group “The Basics“, and their goal was to prove that the political arena is accessible to everyone, not just “lifelong politicians”.

Decision-making should not be in the exclusive competence of the elite. Ordinary musicians should also have the right to make them” the musician said at the time, but his party failed to make a significant change on the Australian political scene.

Gotye reappeared in the media in 2017 due to an unusual decision to ban advertising on his songs. This meant that he could make millions from the famous hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”, but he refused.

I don’t want to sell my music. I know people find it weird that I don’t put commercials on my YouTube videos, but that’s a decision I made. I don’t want to trade my art for products. If someone wants to use my music for their own film, I’m not asking for money” he said at the time to the delight of many who supported his unconventional decision at a time when almost everyone is rushing towards quick money.

By: Helen B.





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