This ingredient will make your hair shine!

Photo Credits : Yoann Boyer

Although you may be convinced that you can’t do without hair balms, experts say the opposite.

For Glamor magazine, Hogan pointed out that he advises his clients not to buy conditioners, but to use a nourishing hair mask every time they wash.

“The mask has significantly more active ingredients that your hair needs, especially if it is chemically treated, long hair. The longer the hair, the older it is and requires more detailed care,”

He added that after shampooing and rinsing, you should lightly dry your hair with a towel and only then apply a mask on it, in the direction from the middle to the ends. After you do that, Hogan points out that you should never forget to comb your hair, because that is the only way the mask will be properly distributed.

According to the instructions on the product packaging, leave it on for a certain number of minutes, and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

The first thing you need to do is find a mask that suits your hair type and do not overdo the amount of product, so as not to give your hair unnecessary weight.





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