This is how Prince William broke royal protocol

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For the first 11 years of marriage, they had three children, Prince George and Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary, but details of their big day are still popping up, and royal fans are always eager to hear what was going on behind the scenes that day – from William helping Kate with her hair to Kate and her non-traditional decisions that shocked the Queen.

The royal wedding was broadcast live from Westminster Abbey in April 2011 and was watched by millions around the world, with about 1,900 guests. From the biggest stars like Beckham and Elton John to members of the royal family, the ceremony was enhanced by numerous celebrities.

However, it seems that the guest list actually caused a bit of trouble for the groom and the bride. So much so that Prince William violated the royal tradition by having people at the wedding that he and Kate really wanted to be present.

Speaking about his wedding in 2012, William explained that they decided to compile a guest list themselves instead of filling it out with people they did not know, and the Queen fully supported their decision.

He said: “Things developed rapidly before the wedding. I was given a list at the first meeting with 777 names and none I knew. It was a bit scary and it seemed like the guest list was definite – there is no place for friends or family. I wasn’t too happy about that, so I called the queen for a little moral support and a bit of backup.”

She said: Don’t be ridiculous, get rid of the list, and start with your friends. The reason number 692 is why we love her”, said Prince William.

Let us remind you, that the daughter of Kate and William, Princess Charlotte celebrated her birthday a couple of days back. Kate has traditionally photographed a birthday girl in Norfolk and posted photos of the little princess surrounded by flowers.





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