This is the underwear you should wear with transparent outfits

Photo Credits : Fahad Waseem/Unsplash

We are not only talking about an elegant handbag or shiny high heels, but also about well-chosen underwear. Thongs, deep panties, or slimming tights? Which underwear to choose for a tight dress? We have advice for you!

We also present the current hit and a complete novelty – self-adhesive panties for the perfect clothing combination.

When we are preparing for an evening out or a special occasion, we pay the greatest attention to choosing the right outfit. We search the internet for offers every day, look at various outfits for hours, look for sales, and are inspired by the creations of celebrities. When we find a dream dress, we look for accessories. A bag, shoes, jewelry, tights, a coat – everything must fit together. We choose the underwear last – and this is a huge mistake!

Poorly chosen underwear can completely ruin our intricately created look within seconds. Especially when we decided on extremely fitted or even tight clothes. Visible seams of panties, a slightly protruding belly, or transparent material of the dress can take away our comfort and self-confidence and make us spend the whole evening perfecting our outfits. How to avoid it? We know a few tricks!

Underwear that will become almost invisible under a tight dress is primarily model panties. It is a perfect solution for evening outings – this type of panties fits tightly to the body, thanks to which their seams are not visible. 

Which underwear to choose under a dress with slits?

If your evening outfit is decorated with high slits around the hips, you can reach for special self-adhesive panties. The self-adhesive thong panties are covered with silicone glue that is safe for the skin, so they do not have to be supported by the material that surrounds the hips. This type of underwear is perfect for tight-fitting dresses – the panties are laser cut, so there is no possibility for them to be visible.

Which underwear to choose under white and transparent clothes?

Seamless panties will work best under white dresses or outfits made of thin, transparent material. All we have to do is get a laser-cut model in skin color or white ones. We can also use self-adhesive panties or bodysuits in the color of the dress. It is worth remembering that our underwear should be smooth and even, without lace, patterns, or other decorations.

When buying seamless, laser-cut panties, it is worth reaching for a model made of natural materials. Satin, silk or cotton will work best here – underwear made of them will allow the skin to breathe, thanks to which we will avoid unpleasant scratches or irritations.





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