Three natural ingredients for a beautiful smell

Photo Credits : Mariah Hewines/Unsplash

Australian Chantel Mila has revealed a simple tactic she uses to keep her home always smelling nice. She only needs three natural products. Mila shared a trick for making air fresheners on TikTok, for which she needed lemon, rosemary, and vanilla essential oil.

The refreshing scent is surprisingly easy to make, you just need to boil two cups of water and these three ingredients. 

“Heat the water on the stove and add the other ingredients. When it boils, remove from the stove and leave in an easily accessible place in the house. Don’t forget to add water during the day,” Chantel explained. Her video has been viewed nearly 200,000


Other TikTok users were thrilled with her idea, and one woman questioned whether leftovers from these products could be used. “Distilled water is a great spray for the room or in combination with alcoholic vinegar, so you can make a multi-purpose cleanser,” Chantel said, adding that the scent lasts up to three full days.Spray will last several months.





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