"Tiger King" star sues Netflix for breach of contract

Carole Baskin, the star of the documentary series “Tiger King,” has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for showing her in the second part of the popular series without her permission.

"Tiger King" star sues Netflix for breach of contract

Photo Credits: Netflix

Netflix has unveiled a trailer for “Tiger King 2,” and in a two-minute video, we can see a few of the characters we met in the first part of the series, including Carole Baskin.

Carole and her husband Howard filed a lawsuit against Netflix yesterday, explaining how they signed contracts for just one season and how this large streaming company is illegally using old footage for the second part of the series.

Baskin drew public attention when she was featured in the 2020 Netflix true-crime documentary series "Tiger King", which follows both Baskin and Joe Exotic's escalating feuds over exotic animals in private zoos.

Recall that the Baskin couple was not satisfied with the first documentary either, as viewers were suggested that Carole had killed her first husband Don Lewis, which triggered an avalanche of reactions on social media. Fans of the documentary sympathized with Joe Exotic and called Carole a killer.

"Tiger King 2" arrives on the Netflix platform on November 17.

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Check out the trailer here!

By: Sarah R.