TikToker claims to be secret son of Keanu Reeves and his fans believe him

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Popular American TikToker Dustin Taylor is convinced that he is the son of Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, which he talked about in several of his videos on TikTok and revealed all the details.

Dustin claims his parents divorced before his mother found out she was pregnant and that he grew up thinking his father passed away when he was little.

When I got older, my mother finally revealed the truth to me and it turned out that my father was Keanu Reeves,” he explained alongside the video.


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His numerous fans chose to support him in his belief, and many of them believed him because they concluded he really looked like an actor. Dustin says he just wanted to share it with everyone, and Keanu hasn’t spoken publicly about the alleged paternity yet.

Keanu experienced great trauma in the late ’90s when he was in a relationship with actress Jennifer Syme, who was celebrated for roles in David Lynch films.

Their first stillborn child was born in 1999, a daughter, Ava, because in the eighth month of her pregnancy, Jennifer had to go through premature birth, and such an outcome emotionally destroyed them. Two years after that big blow, Jennifer died at the age of just 28 in a car accident.

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