Tips for soft and nourished hand skin!

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Our hands are constantly doing something, and in the months when we wash and disinfect them more than before, their skin becomes noticeably fragile. And otherwise, the hands are a part of our body that is constantly exposed. Also, we often can hear comments that years are easy to see on them, even on those that are a little ‘repaired’ on the face but hands tell the truth. 

Hands reveal how we treat them, paraffin baths, hydration, peeling and nourishing cream and masks should definitely be singled out from salon treatments. As for the basics, you should know that peeling is the beginning, in order to remove all dead cells and thus clear the way for the active ingredients of hand skincare formulas” said dermatologist.

Apart from the fact that this time is very demanding for the skin of the hands since we use a lot of disinfectant liquids, so the skin is very dry and easily cracked, we would like to point out another phenomenon that is more intense with age, and that is freckles. Namely, they get stronger as we age, and they are also caused by hormonal disorders and menopause. Various microdermabrasion, treatments that promote rapid skin regeneration, are optimal in this area. Creams with chemical peels and acids and formulas such as snail gel are also recommended.

Furthermore, the skin of the hands becomes drier with age, in itself, so it is important to build this habit of care over time so that they can withstand the challenges of everyday life as easily as possible.


Photo Credits: Lina Trochez/Unsplashed

Hand skin care

  • Regular hand washing is the basis of good hygiene. However, there is no need to use antibacterial products. Ordinary soaps remove bacteria from the skin while remaining less drying and irritating than those with antimicrobial ingredients.
  • No matter how cold it is outside, wash your hands with lukewarm water instead of hot water – this way you will not further dry your skin.
  • Once or twice a week, treat your hands to exfoliating dead skin cells. Save time by peeling your hands at the same time as peeling your body skin, in the shower. Apply a little of the same preparation you use for the body on your hands, rub in a circular, gentle motion and rinse.
  • Before going to bed, feed your hands with a protective cream or oil . Take the opportunity to massage the cuticles, pushing them towards the root of the nail.
  • During the months when your hands are exposed to the sun, don’t forget to protect them with SPF as well . Factor 15 is the minimum , although scientists are increasingly recommending SPF 30 for everyday use.
  • In winter, the skin of the hands needs additional, occlusive protection . Our recommendation is good old Vaseline , and of course do not leave the house without warm gloves .

Don’t forget that beautiful skin and nails are built on the inside – nutrition is very important, and the shortcomings will quickly show on your hands. We advise you to increase the intake of vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil, and biotin that you will find in meat, eggs, and nuts.





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