Tom Ellis to be the next James Bond?

A group of Tom's colleagues revealed that they would like to see Ellis play Agent 007.

Tom Ellis to be the next James Bond?

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Tom Ellis should be the next James Bond, claims the team of the "Lucifer" series. A group of Tom's colleagues revealed that they would like to see Ellis play Agent 007 after Daniel Craig, and they are convinced that he would be a great choice for that role. During an interview with the Daily Mail, Kevin Alejandro and Tricia Helfer said that the "handsome" and "muscular" actor is the "full package" for the role of Bond. “Anything about Tom would make him a great Bond. He is everything that James Bond should be” - said Alejandro and added: “He's handsome, intelligent, and muscular.

Helfer, who played Lucifer's mother in the series, agreed with Alejandro's opinion: “Tom is "the whole package". Not only is he incredibly charming, but he is also a wonderful human being and a top professional. He took his role in Lucifer very seriously, he welcomed everyone, and he was involved in music and every aspect of it. And he would pass that on to Bond” - the actress said and added: “He has also been in full form since he recorded "Lucifer". During the second and third seasons, he came back more and more muscular, so that is a plus for him” - Tricia pointed out, noting that Ellis would not have a problem with stripping for the obligatory romantic scenes in the 007 franchise. She then invited Bond producers to "take a really good look" at Ellis.

Lucifer's producer Chris Rafferty also expressed support for Ellis to get the role of Bond. "Tom is tall, he's British and he looks good in a suit," he told the Daily Mail. “I don't know if Tom ever held a gun. I would like to see him do it because that is not Lucifer's style. But, if you ask me, I am down for it“- Rafferty concluded.

Tom Ellis was born in Cardiff on November 17, 1978. The son of a priest and music professor, he grew up with three sisters. He was educated in Scotland and after his high school days spent in music lessons, he decided to pursue an acting career.