Tom Ford talked about Instagram’s influence!

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‘Everyone retouches faces beyond recognition’: Famous designer unmasks stars bragging on Instagram.

Fashion designer, director, furniture designer – all these professions adorn this distinctive American whose success dates back to the early eighties, while as a student he renovated old furniture around the house and gave his mother advice on what to wear.

Although he rejected two colleges very quickly when enrolling, this did not stop him from finding happiness in a professional sense at the esteemed design school Parsons in New York where, despite the direction of fashion and design, Ford decides to enroll in architecture and interior design.

America’s most famous designer Tom Ford reveals in his latest interview that Instagram awakens insecurity in everyone, and confidence is lost.

Legendary designer Tom Ford definitely justified his title, first and last name, if we consider that it survived in a fickle world of fashion from which you can fall out with only one bad collection.

Known for his unsurpassed work ethic, Tom Ford doesn’t shy away from expressing his views loud and clear- even if to many they sound harsh.

Because of his directness, close associates and employees called him a tyrant, and in his latest interview with The Cut magazine, Tom Ford reveals what he thinks of today’s digital world, which is increasingly killing the self-confidence of many.

‘When I look at things on Instagram, and I have to do that to keep up with the world, I don’t feel pleasure. The complete platform gives the impression that you’re not attractive enough, that you’re boring, that your apartment isn’t as nice as other apartments, that your vacations are less interesting than the others.’

‘You become insecure. The experience is terrible. I wish things would change and everything would kind of go back to the way it was, but I think what we’re just living today is the reality of a new generation,’ Tom said.

‘That’s why fashion is going to get more and more extreme because people buy things not to wear them, but to look good on Instagram. When I look at photos on Instagram, they look freaky to me, like cartoons.’

Makeup is freaky, everyone retouches their face and body beyond recognition and wears these clothes that are exaggerated just because they’re photogenic. As we got going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up with a fashion that looks like the Capitol in the ‘Hunger Games’, Ford said.

He also sincerely referred to the period in which he was addicted to narcotics. From today’s perspective, he believes that opiates have even more influence and are much more available because the pressure on designers is much greater.

‘People don’t understand how stressed you are as a big house designer. You are constantly forced to create even when you have nothing creative to show for it. Nothing is a matter of inspiration, but of deadlines, and if your two collections are bad, you are out of the game. Someone’s already waiting to fill your seat.’

A lot of people I’m with consumed narcotics they’re dead today. Drugs are very present, and I think that it has a lot to do with the industry. I’m not under that pressure today because I work for myself.’

‘Yes, I can have a bad collection, but someone won’t fire me because I’m my own boss, so I don’t have that kind of pressure,‘ Tom Ford concluded.





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