Tom Holland wants to play Warhammer with Henry Cavill

Photo Credits : Getty Images for Netflix

It is not the first time that Henry Cavill has discussed his passion for Warhammer, a fantastic board game built around a strategic approach that includes miniature figures; but surely a few times commenting on your hobby has resulted in such a great plan.

Henry Cavill talking about Warhammer is getting Spider-Man excited! This is the crossover we need.

Cavill, in a recent interview with The Graham Norton Show, begins by explaining that there is one side of the hobby that consists of painting the miniatures and then the other that is based on playing “. In conclusion when he has all his figures painted he mounts with them an army “to play against another person’s army. 

It sounds ridiculous, but it’s fun” At this point, the presenter starts to laugh that Cavill likes to fiddle with ‘toys’ so much, and asks if he invites people to his house to play. Cavill says that of course, and that’s when the very Spider-Man aka Tom Holland raises his hand to say “can I come to play? Sounds great!”.

The wait is over

The next thing we will see from Cavill is the second season of ‘ The Witcher ‘, a hit Netflix fantasy series that finally premieres new episodes on December 17. So the fans of this fiction are in luck because soon they will be able to see new adventures, but also recently they have had other very good news. And it is that Cavill himself has admitted that he is willing to continue playing Geralt for a long time.

In a recent interview with THR, this actor has claimed to be committed to the idea of ​​showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who is hopeful that the series will last at least seven seasons. To this, Cavill has responded with a “totally” as far as his willingness to continue with the role is concerned, adding that he will continue to move forward “as long as we can continue to tell good stories, and honoring the work of Sapkowski [author of the books on which the series is based] “.





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