Top 7 Cuban adventures

Cuba may be a fascinating country that most people flock to in order to see "vintage" cars, beautiful colonial architecture, dance salsa, and enjoy miles of beaches, but it's not just that…

Top 7 Cuban adventures

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Like any other interesting destination located in the Caribbean, Cuba offers a handful of attractive water sports and extreme trips that are tailored for all adventurers at heart, who always want a small dose of adrenaline from travel.

If you belong to the circle of such adventurers, and you intend to visit this island country in the near future, the next 7 Cuban adventures will definitely interest you.

Climb the highest Cuban peak - Turquino (Pico Turquino)

If you belong to a group of people who are passionate alpinists, and love to climb the highest peak of a country, and enjoy the spectacular view, this trip is perfect for you. The peak of Turquino (Pico Turquino) belongs to the Sierra Maestra mountain range.

On this mountain, Fidel and Che, together with a group of guerrillas, were preparing for the revolution. Stories about them will complete your time to the top. The trip will definitely take time, given that it is located at 1,974 meters above sea level, but that is why you will end up enjoying the breathtaking landscape. There are two ways to the top, but whichever you choose, it will take you about two to three days to complete it. Of course, depending on your fitness. The best period for this challenge? Between October and May.

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Sign up for surfing

The emerald green immersed between the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean may not be known for its great surfing opportunities, but a few strokes around the coast are definitely recommended. The best part of the surfing coast is on the east side of the island.

Here, tropical currents create beautiful waves from August to mid-November. In addition to this part of the country, we suggest you head to the north side of the island where you can enjoy the waves from December to March.

Get to know Cuba on a bike tour

Bicycles are a very popular means of transportation in Cuba, both among locals and tourists who choose to get to know the island in this way. The Canadian travel agency G Adventures offers bicycle rental for eight days. This gives you the opportunity to travel to Cuba from Havana to top attractions such as Playa Larga, the Viñales Valley, and the city ​​of Santa Clara, where the Che Guevara Mausoleum is located.

Visit the famous caves of Cuba

If you are a fan of speleology, you will be interested to know that Cuba is home to some of the most interesting caves in the world. Most of these caves the country has turned into national parks. Visiting such landmarks of the country gives you the opportunity to see unusual rock formations and beautiful crystals. The most beautiful caves are located around the city of Viñales, which is 180 kilometers away from Havana. The two most popular are Santo Tomas (Gran Caverna de Santo Tomas) and Indio cave.

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Go diving in the crystal clear sea and ocean

Cuba has a great reputation for diving thanks to the unique coral reefs that surround it. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is a professional diver, you will enjoy it. Our suggestion is to sail to the north or south, where the marine life is very colorful, rich, and clean.

For those who like to move away from the coast and explore the ocean, scuba diving is ideal around the archipelago of the Queen's Garden (Jardines de la Reina), which is located in the south of the country. Here you will find a crystal clear sea, rich in fish and lively corals. In an effort to preserve its rich ecosystem, Cuba has limited visits to the site to 1,200 people a year. Therefore, for the mentioned trip, if you are interested, it is obligatory to book in advance.

Spend a day in the beautiful Cuban National Park Alejandro de Humboldt

19 years ago, this park, also the most important biosphere reserve in America, was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The richest in endemic flora and fauna is responsible for that (16 different species of plants grow here).

In it, you can also see a very rare mammal, the Cuban solenodon, whose poisonous saliva can kill a mouse within a few minutes. The park is also the last refuge of the Royal Woodpecker, which became extinct in the parts of North America that it once inhabited. There are several riverbeds, forest paths, and high humidity waiting for you. The park is named after a German scientist who visited the island in 1800 and is considered to be the place in Cuba that has the highest humidity. So dress appropriately and take plenty of water with you.

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Sail along the Cuban coast

Cuba has been one of the top sailing destinations for decades. In fact, since the Spaniards discovered it in the 15th century. Today, this nautical tradition still lives on, with exclusive cruisers stopping for a few days.

However, you are certainly not interested in these cruisers, but in 20 marinas - as many as there are around its entire coast, where you can rent a boat or schedule a sailing trip. Of course, we recommend that you see the entire coast, but also to visit the Bay of Pigs, as well as several smaller islands located near Cuba.

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By: Helen B.