Tragedy on set: How a gun with blanks can still kill a man

The instructor of the use of firearms explained the danger of blanks, ie blank bullets when they were fired at close range. Although the bullet is not real, it can cause injuries, in this case fatal, with an explosion and hot gas

Tragedy on set: How a gun with blanks can still kill a man

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After a tragedy like this from the set of the film ‘Rust’ in which Alec Baldwin (68) killed camerawoman Halyna Hutchins (42) and injured director Joel Souz  (48), the question arises as to how this could have happened at all.

Although the exact details of this tragedy from the set are not yet known, this is not the first time a similar situation has occurred.

Namely, on a large number of sets, pistols that serve as props are not just plastic versions that are not in function, but real pistols in the service of props. Of course, no real bullets are placed in them, but blanks can also be fatal in some situations. Real guns are used for the credibility of the story.

- Blanks contribute to the authenticity of the scene in ways that cannot be achieved in any other way. If the cameraman wants to paint the story with light and framing, firearms experts are here to introduce the story with drama and excitement, wrote Dave Brown, an instructor, and firearms coordinator, for American Cinematographer.

In his text, Dave explained how it is possible that a gun loaded with blank bullets can kill someone nearby:

- A blank bullet is very similar to a real one, and the only difference is that there are no projectiles on top of the cartridge case filled with gunpowder. The top of the cartridge case is closed with paper or wax to keep the gunpowder inside, and when fired, the same bang and flash are obtained, only without the deadly projectile.

An explosion, hot gas, and a cartridge case, however, are very dangerous for anyone who gets close enough to the gun from which the shot is fired. Also, the material used to clog the cartridge case fires at high speed, so it also becomes a weapon in a way - Dave explained.

One of the tragedies caused by the blank bullet is from the filming of 1984 when actor Jon-Erik Hexum in the breaks from filming through a joke shot a blank in his head playing Russian roulette. Although the blank did not pierce his skin, it still damaged his skull and he died six days later from the aftermath.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers