Travis Scott never apologized for the concert

Photo Credits : 2021 Erika Goldring

American rapper Travis Scott gave his first interview after a horrific tragedy in which ten people died at his concert at the Astroworld festival in November. In addition to the victims, hundreds were injured due to overcrowding in the audience.

The organizers of the festival, as well as the rapper himself, could be punished for the case, and they have already received a number of lawsuits. The 50-minute interview is on Youtube, and Scott gave it to Charlamagne Tha God.

As he has already stated, he claimed in an interview that during his performance he did not know that anyone in the audience was injured. I’m the face of the festival, I’m an artist, so the media wants to blame me, he said. The emotions I’m going through are a real amusement park. It gets extremely hard because I always feel a connection with my fans. I went through something, they went through something, their parents too, and it really hurts, added the rapper.

He agreed to the interview because he says, he needed a way to communicate. He also said that he did not know that there were dead people at the concert until a few minutes after the press conference that took place after the concert. Even then, after the concert, I heard some things, but I didn’t know any details. I couldn’t believe it , said the rapper. Various things happen at concerts, people faint or something. But something like this, never … ‘.

He also says that he did not hear cries for help coming from the audience.

‘It’s crazy. Every time you hear something like that, you want to stop the show, you want people in the audience to get attention if it’s necessary. I stopped concerts several times in my career just to make sure everyone was fine, ‘ he said.

However, in the comments below the interview, many wrote that they do not believe what he is saying and that he is fully responsible for the tragedy that happened. 

‘He just repeats the same thoughts. It is bizarre that he is not held responsible for what happened. It really says a lot about what kind of person he is and how much he appreciates his fans, ‘My 14-year-old son listened to an interview with me and simply said to me,’ I haven’t heard Travis apologize, not once ‘,’ Acts Speak more than words, Travis. You incited so many to wild behavior, with so many crowds that the insurance really couldn’t do anything about it … You can’t be so careless with the large number of people you bring to your concerts and the situation gets out of control ‘ , are just some of the comments.

Travis’ girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, who arrived with her sister Kendall, was also present at the concert, and although they claimed to have learned about the tragedy only later, statements from witnesses from the concert began circulating in media, because they passed by the body and hid their identity.

Kendall and Kylie had six guards around them. After the tragedy happened, the nurses noticed the bodies of the victims and the people they resuscitated and rescued, ‘the witness said. ‘They lowered their heads and made sure no one saw their faces. They were covered so that no one could see their reaction, they wore masks and hoods. One man was taken out on a stretcher in front of them, ‘the source added. Travis claimed the same thing and, of course, he was caught lying …





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