Marvel executives didn’t want Black Sabbath music used for Iron Man

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Some Marvel executives have tried to remove the cult song of the band Black Sabbath from the “Iron Man” franchise.

Longtime fans of the studio and the brand will remember the great reception of the teaser “Iron Man” at Comic-Con in 2007. The audience was blown away.

However, an excerpt from the book “The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe” shows how Kevin Feige and a team of creatives managed to convince decision-makers not to delete the song. For those who don’t know, they had to buy the right to use music in movies and TV series. This means that popular tunes like Black Sabbath songs can be very expensive. People at the highest levels did not see the point of such a purchase.

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Jeremy Latcham was the CEO of Marvel Studios in the early days. The former vice president for production and development tried to reason with the executives about paying royalties because it made sense. It turned out that his 11-hour plea ended as one of the most important moments in the entire franchise.

I said, ‘Here’s what I know—you guys pay me to tell you what I think is cool. I’m telling you that this piece [of music] is cool. I’m telling you that if you take the ‘Iron Man’ song out of this piece, it is not cool. It’s a binary thing.’ We finally got them to agree to pay Ozzy Osbourne, so now we finally had the Comic-Con piece… a week before Comic-Con,Latcham said.

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In an interview with The LA Times, Jon Favreau explained that the AC/DC concert led to the “infamous” opening of “Shoot to Thrill” in “Iron Man 2”.

When I was watching AC/DC with my wife and son and they were playing‘ Shoot to Thrill ’at the Forum, I thought he should show up in the middle of the song and take off his armor. It’s Tony Stark’s version, that’s how he does things. What’s fun about them is that they were real heavy metal when I was in high school, ”Favreau said.

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