Unexpected: Sarah Jessica and her fake bag!

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She never failed to amaze us with her fashion sense and the great pieces she wore in our favorite TV series. You may have thought that every piece Carrie Bradshaw was wearing was luxurious, expensive, and with a designer’s signature, but that’s far from the truth – and Sarah Jessica Parker herself admits it.

Since Sarah Jessica Parker first appeared in the role of Carrie Bradshaw, she has become a kind of fashion icon and this has been going on for years. While we are used to Carrie mostly wearing expensive, luxurious, and designer pieces, it happens that some costume is also cheap (let’s just remember the five-dollar dress, which attracted a lot of attention in the new season).

Her last interview was followed by a new confession of Carrie, and everyone was really surprised.

It’s not a bag. It’s a Birkin,” it’s a famous line from the “Sex and the City” series. But Sarah Jessica Parker revealed an interesting detail from the filming of the great series that amazed all the fans of Carrie Bradshaw’s flirty character and her great fashion sense.

The actress who gained the most fame with the role of Carrie admitted during the interview “Life in Looks” for Vogue that the blue Hermès bag she wore in 2002 in one episode of “Sex and the City” is not a real Birkin, but – a fake one! Sarah Jessica admitted that the role of that bag was to hide her pregnant belly, but that it was not done very successfully.

I don’t know if you noticed that this is not the original piece. Patricia Field knew someone who was selling these fake bags, and she asked me if I wanted one bag. That bag had one job and it actually failed, everyone could see my belly. Maybe if it was the original, it would look better” – the actress joked, and it is evident that the actress’ stomach is the first thing you would notice.

As for the dress, she revealed that it is a “real one”, from the Juicy Couture brand.





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