Unpredictable love life of Simon Baker!

Actor Simon Baker is best known for his role in ‘The Mentalist’ and often enjoys the sandy beaches of his native Australia.

Unpredictable love life of Simon Baker!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Australian actor Simon Baker gained worldwide fame in the series 'Mentalist', and since he appeared in it, he has captured the hearts of many viewers around the world. This 52-year-old beauty has now been photographed by paparazzi while he was enjoying the charms of the sandy beaches of his native Australia where he chatted briefly with surfers and then jogged. He later swam.

By the way, at the end of last year, a lot was written and talked about his love life after he broke off his relationship with 16-year-younger Australian fashion designer Laura May Gibbs. They were last seen together in August 2021, and although the reason for the break-up was not revealed, many thought it was her subtle anti-vaccination stances that she did not hide at all.

Namely, for their romance was known at the beginning of last year, just two months after he announced that he was divorcing his longtime wife Rebecca Rigg, with whom he spent almost 30 years, and 22 years of marriage. They also have three children together. 

'We remain close friends, and our children will forever remain the most important part of our lives,' said the then ex-spouses. They did not have scandals during their careers and because of that, it was a real surprise that they decided to divorce. Simon and Rebecca stopped living together in April last year, and they have been together since 1992 when they met on the set of Australian soap opera ‘E Street’.

That their marriage was over began to be rumored in January when Simon was seen with a mysterious brunette on the beach. It was soon revealed that it was 36-year-old Laura May Gibbs, and foreign media revealed that they met in Byron Bay where her fashion studio is located, near the actor’s farm.

The 'Mentalist' star and his ex-wife have ended joint ownership of a villa in the Bronte neighborhood near Sydney, which they sold for nearly $ 17 million. They bought the luxury home in 2015 for $ 6.5 million.