Upcoming Releases: First half of May

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Like we say farewell to April, and as we do at the end of each month, we will once again give our small roundup of some of the most fascinating impending releases for the following month. And it is that the April rains appear to have sown a big number of new titles, with one of the most complete months so far this year.

Thus, by highlighting both great titles and some installments from independent developers, it appears that strategy games will be the main protagonists of this month of May, without leaving any genre behind, with family games, adventures for one and multiple players, and even some of the most innovative proposals.

The following is a complete list of forthcoming releases, organized chronologically by release date:

May 3

Goodbye Friends: Galactic Explorers

This simple multiplayer game based on genuine astrophysical laws such as gravity, temperature, and the atmosphere is on our list of anticipated releases this month. Spend time with your friends and family, or venture out on your own to explore this odd comic-style realm.

May 4th

Wildcat Gun Machine

A fast-paced dungeon crawler in which you battle swarms of vile animals with a tasty array of firearms, enormous mechs, and cuddly kittens. Explore vast labyrinthine tunnels and unleash evil Elder Gods’ huge mechanical robots. Enemy encounters are difficult and purposefully intended, rather than randomly, to present difficult battle puzzles.

May 5th

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters

In this ruthless and fast-paced tactical turn-based game, enter the universe of the famous board game and lead the Gray Knights, humanity’s greatest weapon, against the corrupt forces of Chaos. Destroy and foil a nefarious attempt to infect the cosmos with the Outbreak, a cosmic sickness capable of withering civilizations to extinction.

Line War

This game mixes aspects of the 4X, wargame, auto battler, and real-time tactics genres in a unique strategic experience for veterans and beginners, inspired by classic real-time strategy titles like Command and Conquer, with a hint of the iconic Axis and Allies board game.

Citizen Sleeper

In this narrative RPG influenced by tablet RPGs, you will play as a lawless station worker on the outskirts of an intergalactic civilization. You are a sleeper, a digitized human consciousness implanted in an artificial body, and you work for a business that is attempting to reawaken you.

If you want to live until the next cycle, you’ll need to make friends with the unusual and unknown residents of Eye, earn your keep, and navigate the factions of this strange metropolis. Suffer interplanetary capitalism, explore the station, pick your pals, flee your past, and change your future.

Trek to Yomi

Live a thrilling story of Hiroki, a young swordsman who promised to his master on his deathbed to guard the city and his loving people from any harm. To move onward, the samurai, trapped in tragedy and duty, must confront life, death, many evil powers, and himself.

May 10

We Were Here Forever

Continuing the saga of these cooperative games, we will be imprisoned alongside our partner in the Castle Rock realm in this new title. Were you duped, or are you just not that bright?

To escape, we must work together to explore the terrifying castle in search of clues. Will you be able to escape with your companion, or will you be locked in place for the rest of your life?

Salt and Sacrifice

One of the projects that have piqued my interest on a personal level among the impending releases this month is the latest installment from the designers of Salt and Sanctuary, which has a new action game that falls somewhere between rogue-lite and Souls.

As a marked inquisitor, you’ll travel the western frontier seeking, hunting, and slaughtering the realm’s mages while leveling up your character by manufacturing all kinds of new weapons and unusual armor created from your enemies’ flesh and bones.

May 11

Brigandine The Legend of Runersia

After passing via the Nintendo handheld console, we will now be able to return to the continent of Runersia and encounter its six major powers, with over 40 bases, 100 knights, and 50 different sorts of monsters.

Choose a ruler, form forces of knights and monsters, and conquer enemy strongholds. And it is that the manner in which we play will be entirely dependent on ourselves and our decisions. Create the greatest strategy and lead your country to continental victory.

May 13th

Evil Dead: The Game

Take on the role of Ash Williams or his Evil Dead franchise buddies and collaborate in a game that combines the best of co-op and player-versus-player multiplayer combat. And it is that we will be part of a team of four survivors, exploring, looting, creating, conquering your anxieties, and locating vital things to close the split between the worlds inspired by the three original films of Infernal Possession, as well as the original television series. Ash vs. Evil Dead





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