Usain Bolt releases his first music album

Photo Credits : Getty Images

According to NME, Usain Bolt will release the album, called “Country Yutes”, on September 3 through his own record label “9.58 Records”.

The album is the result of a collaboration with Bolt’s manager Nugent “NJ” Walker and was produced by A-Team Lifestyle.

As an announcement for Bolt’s the sprinter’s single and a video for the song “It’s A Party” were released.

Since retiring from athletics in 2017, Bolt has launched a music career that began in 2020 with a remix of Ultimate Rejects‘ track “Energy To Burn“.

Over the course of 2021, he’s shared a number of singles, though it’s not clear which tracks will appear on the upcoming album, as a tracklist hasn’t yet been revealed.

Back in 2016, before retiring, Bolt and James Corden had a rap battle in an episode of Corden’s The Late Late Show.

The nine-time Olympic gold medalist appeared as a special guest on Corden’s late-night U.S. chat show late in the night and agreed to participate in Corden’s sketch “Drop The Mic,” which shows the host with one of his guests in a rap battle.

Despite Bolt’s great track success since 2008, Corden kept throwing playful jokes about his Olympic career to Bolt, at one point asking him, “How does it feel to have a career that people only care about every four years?

See the video for ‘It’s a party’ below.

By: Sarah R.





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