Victoria and David Beckham joking around

In a new video posted on Instagram over the weekend, the Spice Girls singer and soccer star have joked about each other's vocal abilities.

Victoria and David Beckham joking around

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One of the elements that can not be missing at Christmas is the fireplace. In addition to fighting the cold, a good fireplace at home allows you to flood the home with the Christmas spirit. So it's no wonder David Beckham couldn't resist sitting next to a fireplace.

In a new video posted on Instagram over the weekend, the Spice Girls singer and soccer star have joked about each other's vocal abilities. In the publication you can see Victoria Beckham while recording with her mobile approaching the fireplace where David Beckham is singing while roasting some chestnuts on the iron skillet.

"Oh my God, he's really trying. You tried very hard with that voice," Victoria, 47, is heard joking as David Beckham, 46, sings Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song" by the fireplace in a Santa hat.

At that moment the footballer turns around and sarcastically replies to his wife: "Oh, I'm sorry... Sorry, Adele" comparing Victoria's vocal range to that of the "Someone Like You" singer and making the singer laugh.

Victoria Beckham herself has uploaded the video on her Instagram account with the text under "Is there anyone who loves Christmas more than my husband?" Obviously, the reactions of the followers of the designer have not been long in coming and they have laughed at the response of David Beckham and have fallen in love with the tender moment in which the footballer appears sitting next to the fireplace with his chestnuts.

Fans have written in the comments of the video things like "Hahaha 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry... Adele' brutal", repeating the footballer's response to his wife or "his wife is a pop star and international icon, it's nice that he strives", wrote another person.

In addition to this funny video, Victoria has also shared a beautiful image of herself and David dressed as Christmas with their four children: Brooklyn, 22, Romeo, 19, Cruz, 16, and Harper, 10. The family has taken advantage of this photo to send "Christmas Kisses from the Beckhams!" to all the family's followers.

Much has been said about the Christmas family pose of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham and their children because it looks like the portrait of a royal family, but no one has mentioned a disturbing detail: the feet of the footballer. Specifically, we're going to try to figure out what happens because once you see it, you can't stop looking at it and try to figure out why he’s standing on his tiptoes. And above all, why isn't he the only one like this in the photo?

Because the whole world knows the Beckham family, that is clear and if there is something that everyone agrees on is that the footballer now turned entrepreneur gives an image of a perfect man: with his particular beauty, his know-how, the praise he usually receives from his wife and children... Come on, perfect man, husband and father.

But reality is always a little different from appearances, of course, and in a 'beckhamized' version of the rich also cry, it turns out that he (who  is 1.80 meters tall) has looked short in the photo with his children, and if you look closely he is posing on his tiptoes. In fact, he is not the only one, because clearly his eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham (22),who is 1.70 meters tall, is also making the same gesture on his part.