Victoria Beckham is dealing with humiliation on her own and the current situation is hard for her

Victoria Beckham sought the psychological help of the entire team because of the problems she was dealing with.

Victoria Beckham is dealing with humiliation on her own and the current situation is hard for her

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Victoria Beckham (47) recently guest-starred on the show ‘Good Morning America’ and provoked negative reactions to lip fillers, after which details were leaked about some more problems she is facing.

Namely, the biggest days of glory are behind the once adored Posh Spice and she is currently going through difficult moments, according to the British media. Victoria has been in the spotlight for 25 years and constantly in the public spotlight, which allowed her to marry David Beckham, with whom she gained a fortune of 450 million pounds, so now she can't cope with being overshadowed by more beautiful, younger, more interesting and creative women.

The designer is becoming less and less popular on Instagram, and her clothing brand has not hit a single magazine cover in the last two years. It is also known that Victoria last month gave up participating in London Fashion Week and organized a virtual show that was followed by only one percent of her followers out of a total of 29 million.

Beckham, who has amassed a £ 46 million debt with her brand since 2008, has justified herself by blaming the coronavirus. But the British media explained that her popularity was diminished by the fact that her husband David rarely appears with her, as well as her sons Brooklyn and Romeo who are currently residing in America.

She’s confused and can’t figure out why things went wrong. If nothing else, she feels that she has been more open and that she has become more engaged with her fans in recent years thanks to her interaction with them on social media, ' said a source close to the designer.

Vick has lived for 25 years as one of the most sought-after stars in the world and now her empire is falling apart. The media noticed this and her business failure receded in all the newspapers. She feels humiliated, this is a huge blow to her self-confidence ', another source pointed out.

Victoria, according to the British media, goes to a psychologist and a therapist, who she pays 4,000 pounds a week, and the whole team helps her with her problems. Her self-confidence also dropped because she was recently ridiculed for fillers in her lips and for revealing in a podcast that her favorite food was toast with salt and steamed vegetables.

BBC presenter Ulrika Jonsson did not fail to comment on that either. To hear that someone in Victoria’s position, who can afford the best food, the best products, and the best cooks, limits themselves to salt on toast, seems more than tragic,’ she pointed out.

It also bothers her that her family members are focused on their lives and careers and she feels rejected, and it didn't help that she was often rumored to be divorcing David. Also, the information that her husband did not want to help cover the debts upset her.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whisper