Wayne Rooney charges for hanging out with fans

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Famous footballer Wayne Rooney found himself in the middle of a scandal a few months ago after he was caught in a hotel room with three 21-year-old girls.

After the photos leaked, he first denied that anything had happened, then changed the story and said he was ‘pulled’ because of fame and popularity. In the end, he publicly apologized for everything he did to his family, most notably his wife Coleen.

Due to the controversial situation with barely adult girls, his contracts with the football team he leads have been shaken, and numerous sponsors have canceled their cooperation . But the truth is that this is not the first time that footballer has cheated on his wife, nor has she gone over it, and money is supposed to be the main reason. Rooney, who was once in the top four richest footballers in the world, has increased his fortune. He has already spent a lot of money on fast cars, horse racing which he is a passionate fan of, but also on expensive gifts for mistresses. One thing is sure, he also paid for their silence . This has been written about several times in the media all these years.

But many were surprised by the latest information that he started charging for socializing with fans, and not a little at all.

Both fans and the sports world reacted negatively to this information.

‘What a joke’, ‘Spit on fans’, ‘Fans aren’t obligated to pay gifts for your mistresses’, ‘Not at this price Rooney, even though I’m a sworn fan’, are just some of the comments from Twitter.

Of course, it didn’t take long to develop these ideas about how he came up with the idea, and most condemned is his wife Coleen. She forgave him for all these years, but she paid well for this public humiliation by buying a new car, designer clothes, or expensive vacations with children.

“Probably some think I’m stupid because I’m going to stay married. I’m not stupid, I know how to think with my head, and my marriage is something I want to work on. Even before the headlines started – no, I didn’t bring Wayne back because he didn’t go anywhere “, Coleen once wrote.

“Yes, this was a turbulent period and yes, we spent some time apart and I thought our marriage had come to an end. I’m not going to write about Wayne’s virtues now because I don’t think he deserves it now, but he’s an incredibly good father. He made some stupid and selfish mistakes, he learned something from some. However, that can change. You can’t know what will happen tomorrow, ” she added.

Unlike some other wives of footballers, Coleen has no job and she is dedicated to raising their five children, although it is known that, when it comes to his foreign affairs, she is the one who ‘pulls the strings’. Fans go so far as to claim that she gave birth to children to allow herself a comfortable life to the end – because if a divorce occurs, it means five children, five alimonys, and the life she’s used to.





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