We have a winner - the most bizarre fashion trend this season

According to the media, the sale of this unusual accessory is soaring. Despite being most often seen in crime movies or on ski slopes, the balaclava is becoming the most bizarre fashion trend of the season - and the prices of some range over $ 1,000.

We have a winner - the most bizarre fashion trend this season

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The second-hand clothing site Depop reported a 145 percent increase in searches for the word "balaclava" in the last month, while the global fashion platform Lyst recorded an increase in the number of balaclava views by 18 percent every month, reports The Guardian.

According to the Lyst platform, Kim Kardashian’s unconventional anti-fashion move that drew all the attention at Met Gala - her bizarre Balenciaga faceless black outfit - led to a search for such clothing growing by 62 percent within 48 hours.

"As a result, the facewear trend has become increasingly popular on our platform in recent weeks," Lyst content director Morgan Le Ser told The Guardian.

Balaclavas are also part of the new collections of many luxury fashion houses.

Stella McCartney has a wool version, while Givenchy has a balaclava with a cap.

The most expensive, however, is the Loro Piana cashmere balaclava, which costs $1,125.

"Customers are increasingly relaxing when it comes to risks in clothing. Now that growth has become the only acceptable metric in fashion, it means that brands will sell everything that stands out. I think that the balaclava will surely last a long time,” said Christopher Morenci, editor of Highsnobiety magazine.

It is certainly an accessory that most would still leave only for skiing - what do you think?

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By: Helen B.