What do if you run out of nail polish remover

Photo Credits : Bryony Elena/Unsplash

It has happened to all of us that it is necessary to fix our nails quickly, but that we do not have acetone in the house, with which we would remove the previous layer of nail polish from our nails. There are several effective ways to solve this problem, and we have tried to find them for you so that you will never find yourself in such a stupid situation again.

1. Deodorant spray

We are sure that you did not know that deodorant spray can help you remove nail polish, but that is the absolute and proven truth. The chemistry found in deodorant will react with the chemistry found in nail polish and will help your nails regain their natural color.

The procedure is extremely simple, but you do one nail at a time. Open the deodorant and spray a little on the nail you want to clean. Quickly, while still wet, remove the coat of paint with a little cotton wool. You can also spray deodorant on cotton wool, but this method has proven to be less effective because cotton wool absorbs some of the ingredients.

You will get similar effects if you use perfume or hair spray, and the procedure is the same as you use for deodorant.

 Photo Credits: pixabay

2. Lemon

Lemon is a natural bleach, it is possible to use it on anything you want to remove the color from, so why not use it for nail polish as well?

Cut the lemon into slices, put your fingers in warm water for about 10 minutes to soften the varnish. Instead of taking cotton wool and acetone, take a slice of lemon and rub the nail. Keep in mind that this can cause a mess, so it is better to squeeze a little lemon by hand first so that there is no splashing of its juice during the pressure on the nail plate. 

As with lemon, so with apple cider vinegar, so mix a little vinegar with lemon and water, and then remove the nail polish.

3. Additional layer of nail polish

 If you do not have acetone, take nail polish and paint the previous coat of polish, then apply cotton wool to the nails. You will be surprised to see that both nail polishes have come off. The reason why this counterintuitive method works is the fact that the new layer of polish binds to the old one and thus facilitates removal.





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