What do we know about Depp's lawyer-Camilla?

The trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has raised quite a bit of dust, and now attention from the former spouses has turned to Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez.

What do we know about Depp's lawyer-Camilla?

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Their close relationship in the courtroom sparked rumors that she and Depp are in a relationship. But the ravishing lawyer seems to be happily in love with a British real estate agent.

Johnny Depp's beautiful attorney, 37-year-old Camille Vasquez is attracting quite a bit of attention during Depp's $ 50 million lawsuit against Amber Heard. Recently, there have been speculations that the relationship between the famous actor and the attractive lawyer has grown into something much more, but according to sources, the lawyer, whose career is on the rise, has been in a serious relationship for several months. The lawyer, who is originally from California, does not speak about her private life in public, does not comment in the media on events that are not related to the courtroom, and she is also not present on social networks.

The looks and touches that Depp and Camille exchanged in the courtroom were not missed by many, and such intimacy aroused suspicion of many social media users and caused an avalanche of speculation on social media that Camille was dating Depp.

Further developments ignited the fire. Namely, when Camille was asked in front of the courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia if she was in a relationship with a famous actor, she simply giggled and shrugged, but did not answer the question.

Some media wrote that they considered Camille and Johnny extremely funny and that she cannot remain indifferent to his sense of humor. She just can’t stand it without laughing at some of his jokes, even though they’re in the courtroom at the time. More importantly, our source reveals that Camille is happily in love.

By the way, Camille Vasquez, whose mother tongue is Spanish, is an associate at the law firm Brown Rudnick and she is one of the members of a Depp's legal team in his defamation lawsuit. It is known that Johnny has professionally but also a friendly relation with them.

After a vicious cross-examination of Amber Heard,Camilla gained quite an army of fans and became popular on social media. Camille Vasquez was born in July 1984, and her parents, Leonel and Marilia Vasquez are of Colombian descent. According to public records, they live in a house worth a million dollars in Buena Park.

Camille graduated with a degree in Art, Communication and Political Science from the University of Southern California in 2006 with great success. She attended Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles from 2007 to 2010 and she worked in a law firm before, as an associate, and she joined the current office. Recently, she even found herself on the list of lawyers published by The Best Lawyers in America. By the way, as stated in her biography, Camille specializes in defamation with additional experience in contract disputes, business torts and employment-related claims. She also has extensive experience in addressing the issues of parallel reputation management and crisis communication arising from such engagements.

The interaction between Camille and Amber during cross-examination became quite tense. At one point, Vasquez forced Amber to admit that, despite previous allegations, she had not donated her $ 7 million divorce settlement to charity. After that, social media exploded and Depp fans became her ardent fans.