What do you need to know about Orchids?

Caring for orchids can be very simple, and you should pay attention to the difference between summer and winter care for them.

What do you need to know about Orchids?

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Orchids are certainly among the most popular houseplants. They stand out with their beautiful appearance, and they bloom in all colors except black and blue, but if you manage to find them, it means that the flowers are colored. Their maintenance does not have to be complicated, and it is important that you are familiar with everything that is needed around them. 

When we speak about planting, it is important that the plant is not completely covered with soil, and if you plan to transplant it, wait until the flowers fall off.  Seedlings should be washed in lukewarm water, planted in a selected container, and keep it in a warm place.

The best pots are transparent with holes in the bottom, so the root can dry completely between waterings. The ideal way you can water an orchid is to actually soak it in a container of water, and you can do a classic watering when the soil is dry.

Avoid watering too often because this will cause root rot due to water retention. In addition, you can lightly spray them with water, and they should be watered in the morning. However, there is a difference in watering during the winter and summer periods. Namely, during the winter, watering once a month will be enough, and you can occasionally spray it with water. In summer, the plant needs to be watered more often and you will need to do this once a week. You can also leave it in the sink to soak. It is necessary to take care that the root can be dried so that it does not rot.

You need to pay special attention to the choice of orchids so that you do not make a mistake and take a plant that is not in its full health. A flower can delight you, but never choose an orchid by the look of the flower, because it can deceive you. The most attention should be paid to the leaves and the root of the plant. The leaf should be lighter green, firm, and turned up. If the leaves are dark green, yellowish and seem weak - we recommend that you choose another specimen of orchid.

Also, in addition to the flowers, there should be a lot of buds, otherwise, your orchid will not bloom. Another thing that would be necessary to check before buying an orchid is the condition of the roots. Of course, you will not be able to take the soil out of the pot to see what the roots are like. A mitigating circumstance is that the orchid root always protrudes from the ground, at least in part.

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