What happened to Psy after “Gangnam style”

The hit “Gangnam style” changed his life, so soon he decided to just disappear, and here’s where the singer who broke all records is today.

Psy broke all records with “Gangnam Style” nearly a decade ago, and was the first to garner a billion views.

It’s been almost a full ten years since South Korean singer Psy, full name Park Jae-sang, conquered the world with just one hit and made history records. He released “Gangnam Style” in the summer of 2012, and it seems that after that he just disappeared without a trace. These days he celebrates his 44th birthday, and we remembered the time of his greatest glory.

Park Jae-sang was born on December 31, 1977, into a wealthy South Korean family, and never hid that he did not like school. After he made his name, his teachers commented that he was popular as a boy, and he got on everyone’s nerves because he was just joking and ignoring all the teachers. When he was 15, he watched Queen’s concert and immediately fell in love with music. Even then, he decided that one day he would be a singer.

Even before he became planetary popular, the singer was discovered by local producers in South Korea. With his dance mocking trends, he caught the eye of many in 2000 on Korean national television and released his debut album the year after that. He ended his career because he had to join the army and returned in 2009 after his discharge.

His entire career changed in mid-July 2012 when he released “Gangnam Style“. By mid-December of that year, the song had garnered 1 billion views on YouTube, breaking the record and becoming the first artist in the world to do so. Tops of YouTube then said it required them to change the display of numbers on videos and expanded it to 1 billion. To date, “Gangnam Style” has garnered as many as 4.2 billion views. Psy had already become the “king of YouTube” eight years ago, as the media called him, and his popularity was marveled at by everyone. At the same time around the world, they imitated dancing from his video at all parties and there was no question that he made a big fuss on the world music scene.

After the single “Gangnam Style”, he released the song “Gentleman” a year later, which also won a lot of ratings, but after that, his popularity began to drop. Although he worked with a number of stars, such as Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry, he slowly disappeared from the world stage. Still, he dedicated himself to the work behind the cameras. Psy founded his own company, P Nation, which works as a record label, and today helps a number of local stars break into the world market.

The popular singer also admitted in 2013 that great fame had a negative impact on his life. He turned to alcohol, and he said vodka was his best friend and he drank if he’s happy or sad.

As he pointed out in interviews, he chose the name Psy because of the word psycho. Everything he did seemed a little crazy to him, so he chose that stage name.


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