What happened to Samantha Jones?

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Now that the official announcement of the Sex and the City series ‘And Just Like That’ has been announced and everyone is looking forward to airing the first episode, its creators have revealed what everyone has been wondering for a long time – What happened to Samantha Jones

It has long been known that Kim Cattrall, who plays PR CEO Samantha Jones, will not appear in the upcoming series, but how she was removed from the series has been kept secret.

In August, rumors began that Samantha had been killed. A video shared on TikTok showed a group of extras – allegedly filming ‘And Just Like That’ – dressed in black, and fans wondered, Is this for Samantha’s funeral?

Now we have the answer – no. In an interview with the Daily Mail, a reliable source revealed that Samantha had actually moved to LondonWe couldn’t let Samantha wander around New York and other women (Charlotte and Miranda) not communicate with her,’ the source said.

‘It just wouldn’t make sense. Sending her to Los Angeles was not an option because we did it in the first film, so her London-based character was really the perfect way to keep her alive and explain her absence.

In a plot that doesn’t just happen in the series, Samantha has an argument with her former best friend Carrie Bradshaw – played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Namely, these two actresses are in a quarrel and do not talk to each other even in real life.

Speaking about the possibility of ever repeating her role, Kim Cattrall once told The GuardianI don’t want to be in a situation I don’t enjoy for even an hour.

At the end of the first season of the restart, Carrie will reportedly make a big gesture to bring Samantha back. Carrie is the one who’s having a hard time without Samantha, and by the end of the series you’ll see Carrie trying to rebuild her friendship.

The authors seem to be hoping that this rather desperate move will encourage Kim to return for a second season. ‘ We hope that by the time we start filming the second season Kim will join the show and that Samantha Jones will triumphantly return to the Big Apple. We want Kim back. She was missing on set. We all understand why she feels the way she feels. We understand. We just want her back for next season.

As Kim Cattrall has just joined the ‘Queer As Folk’ reboot, she is unlikely to return. Moreover, if she does return, the screenwriters would have to figure out what to do with Nicole Ari Parker, who has been brought in as Carrie’s new best friend.

The ‘And Just Like That’ reboot is set to premiere on Dec. 9 on HBO Max. 





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