What is salon insurance

Whether you run a salon, a beauty salon, or a barbershop, you know your business really well. With simple insurance solutions, you can personalize your salon insurance to meet your business requirements. With our insurance, you can choose exactly what policy features you require for your business. So you can just pay for the cover that you require.

If you are unsure what insurance you require for your salon, we are always here the way to explain what each cover option insures you for.

What do we cover?

You can get the cover for the following.

  • Barbershops
  • Beauty salons
  • Hair salons

Cover a large range of beauty treat

It is good that people do to look beautiful. We can cover you for a large range of treatments such as makeup, tanning, and nail treatments. Unfortunately, however, we can’t generally cover therapies such as hair transplants, hydrotherapy, or any treatment involving breaking skin or blood vessels. If you are unsure if one of your treatments can be covered, contact us to verify.

Add to your insurance policy as the salon develops

If you open up additional inferences, take on new staff, or purchase new tools and equipment. Lets us know so we can update your insurance policy. It is essential not to be insured so although your insurance premium may increase as you develop, it is good to ensure you stay covered.

Salon equipment cover

There is a lot of equipment that helps you perform your job. As such, we offer equipment cover in all of our beauty salon insurance policies. In some cases, we can even allow you to select your car cover limit to ensure that all of your necessary equipment is covered.

Employer’s liability and public liability must be at the core of any business insurance. We can also include product liability if you sell products to your clients. We can offer a large range of limits to customize your cover to the requirements of your business.

Insurance that is best for you

If you are a salon owner and in need of comprehensive salon insurance, you have come to the right place. Whether you are an experienced and professional beautician, hairdresser, or barber with a salon, we can give a suitable solution that makes sure your business is covered from risks that may happen. Our salon insurance policy encompasses the important treatment and liability insurance to cover yourself, any staff you might employ, and your salon contents including stock and equipment.

As salon owners, we understand that you are committed to making your clients feel confident and good about themselves. We also recognize the importance of covering your business so you can continue doing what you love. Our hair and beauty salon insurance enables you to customize your cover as you develop and expand your treatment offering.

What does our salon insurance include?

Beauty is one of the quickest growing sectors, and it comes as no surprise as more and more people are investing in this sector. Whether it be people looking for brow treatments, salon treatments are in high demand. To make sure you can go about your every day without any problems or stress that accidental claims may arise, our salon insurance includes.

  • Business interruption insurance
  • Glass and money cover
  • Product and public liability cover
  • Employer’s liability

Our salon liability insurance policies cover particular treatments that you are a qualified professional in.

Our insurance covers the following:

Treatment liability

 If you are fully qualified and follow the terms and conditions in the policy wording, the treatment you provide is covered if your client is injured or has a reaction to the treatment.

Public liability

This insurance covers your client in the event of an injury at their home or on third-party property. It also covers the client’s property if an item is damaged during a visit, such as something spilled on a handbag.

Product liability

 This insurance covers you if you sell products to clients that you used or recommended during their treatment and that product turns out to be defective or causes a reaction.

What are the major risks involved in not having the right salon insurance?

Trying to save money on insurance and believing that a fire, theft, or flood will never happen to you can be a costly mistake. Such catastrophic situations, however, are more familiar than we would like to believe. When considering insurance, it is vital to plan for all emergencies and estimate the cost of replacing your contents or business building. Your salon is your profession and livelihood, and you should invest in valid insurance to make sure that such events do not negatively impact you.

When you file an insurance claim, you will not be covered for the full value of your contents and valuable equipment if you are not properly insured.

How can we help you?

We are a leading provider of salon insurance in the United Kingdom. We understand that the general public’s perception of insurance companies is one of confusion and intimidation. We want to break the mold and show salon owners that insurance doesn’t have to be dull or complicated. To make sure you fully understand your policy, our insurance experts avoid legal and technical parlance. We always maintain friendly behavior.

Get beauty salon insurance quotes from simple insurance solutions

With a large number of clients and a large range of equipment, running a salon that offers a wide range of treatments can be a major risk. You need quick quality salon insurance that covers you in case something unexpected happens. It can be difficult to find time to compare insurance quotes while running a busy salon. As a result, we can compare quotes from some of the UK’s leading insurance providers, making it simple and quick to arrange your beauty salon insurance.


We understand the time constraints of running a busy salon, as well as the need for comprehensive salon insurance. With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which beauty salon insurance quotes is best for your company. 

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